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octobre 4, 2016

International Dinner

International Dinner


Join us for our International aperitif evening organised by SIGMA House, every first Monday of each month.

All our students are unique. They have different cultures, background and experiences that are interesting to explore for all of us. For this reason The International Aperitif organised by Sigma has a goal to unite our students around the table of world dishes. This evening will help us discover the world together around great food.


The community of Groupe Ecole de Commerce de Lyon is an opportunity to share live experiences, to recognise our differences and similarities and meet new and interesting peoplewho become friends for life.

The first aperitif will take place around British food and the first subject of presentation will be… “British culture”! So come and share your experiences of the United Kingdom with us, tell us stories related to this great country …and even if you don’t have stories, come and share with us your good mood.

Where will it take place?

At the Bossuet campus:

25 Rue Bossuet

69006 Lyon

At 6.30 PM

Event’s limit : 80 persons, only on inscription!

Gifts to win with some funny international games! Come to play with us!

La maison SIGMA du Groupe Ecole de Commerce de Lyon organise l’événement.

Ecole de Commerce de Lyon Sigma


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